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Bitcoin Kiosk

Kiosk Details

- Prospective buyer must complete agreement — if already enrolled in the LibertyX program, no new agreement needed. One agreement per owner, no matter how many kiosks are ordered.

- Kiosks will be programmed by LibertyX and prepared for delivery to the location. Owner can select a mutually agreeable delivery date.

- Delivery is a 10-12 day turnaround from time of payment.

- Permanent location must be confirmed before the kiosk will be added to the locator file.

- Kiosk location will be on the locator file and found in the LibertyX App for prospective customers.

- Kiosk cost: $4,250.00, including shipping

- Kiosk will be added to the LibertyX locator file to draw traffic.

- Non-operating states: Alaska, NewYork, Rhode Island, West Virginia.

- Kiosk warranty is 1 year.


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